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      Whether you sit in the front or the back, your seat should not bite you, make your back sore, nor make you shift forward.  Your personal space and width should accommodate your size. The driver should be able to be flat-footed.  Driver's having a backrest should not be cramped or not touching.   Riders come in all sizes.  Bar Enterprises makes certain that our seats accommodate the driver and the passenger.  When you arrive, you should be relaxed and feeling good.  

Robert from Elizabethtown, PA -  2004 Softail Standard with a
Hitchhiker Button Pleat 2-Up Seat
(and no split between driver and passenger areas)

Oct. '04 -

Robert has updated his bike and has sent us a couple of new pictures along with one heck of a story which we have posted in its entirely. 




 Here is his story. 

Sent: October 21, 2004

To bring you up to speed, I purchased a seat from you back in the late summer, and now you have it posted on your website. I am from Elizabethtown, PA and you asked me to send you updated photos of the bike when I had the Ape hangers and lowering kit installed. I apologize for the confusion. The bike is a 2004 Softail Standard that I lowered 1" in the back, raised the front of the gas tank 3," and installed 16" Ape hangers on 2" risers. Of course the seat came from you, to help you remember, I changed the bracket when I came home for lunch and everything worked out.

As for the seat, I couldn't have asked for anything more. Between the Apes and the seat, it's like I'm riding around in a Lazy boy recliner. Comfort, support, and the coolness factor is 100%

For a little background history of myself, I'm 5'10, and 41 years old. I was involved in an accident three years ago, where an inexperienced 16 year driver decided not to stop at a red light and rear-ended me. I was thrown into the bed of a pickup truck which was a car ahead of me, then, after smashing into the cab and lying senseless, the ambulance hauled my broken butt to the emergency room. (I never saw it coming.) This left me paralyzed for 23 days, (And, a little bit confused, I might add) It was all coloring books, and a future career as a Wal-Mart Greeter for me.) I had to use a walker for months, then a cane, then a back brace, with a few cortisone shots in between, and now I'm left with arthritis in my back. (I never thought I'd ride again!) Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I don't need a back brace to ride, the seat you built has so much support, that I really do feel like I'm riding in a recliner. I've been able to ride again, THANK YOU!

When I set out to build the bike, I wanted the look of an old chopper, (The way it was when I was growing up) you helped me do that, there is NO other seat I've found that has come close to the style and comfort I needed. I think the way the bike came out is great, with the seat, the bars, etc. I can't stop anywhere, or drive down the road without everyone checking it out. Last week, I went down to the Harley shop to find a suitable bracket to run the clutch cable through, and I happened to park next to a stock 2004 Softail that the owner had put some chrome on. My bike sits at about 24 1/2" now, and the difference between stock, and how it sits now is obvious. The owner of the stock one couldn't believe they came off the same assemble line. He was totally freaked out, so I had tons of questions to answer. (As usual!) I'm really not one of those "Chopper Guys" you see on TV. I'm a pretty good wrench, and I can fix things, and I know how people hate the "Mr. Bolt-On type" but in my opinion, things really have changed. Back in the 70's there really weren't a lot of parts out there, so you made them yourself. But I think I did a good job finding the RIGHT parts. I'm just glad to be able to ride again, and with my back, any mile I ride is worth the World to me. Again, thank you for helping me out. I ride this everyday and put about 1200 miles a month on it. I ride it ALL THE TIME! I do hate the rain though, and it's getting colder up here in Pennsylvania, but as long as there's no snow or rain, I'm out there...

So to sum it up, here's what I did.

1" Arlen Ness lowering kit on the rear
Raised the tank 3" in front
16" Ape hangers with 2" risers
Harley Screaming Eagle high flow intake filter with Arlen Ness Cover
Harley Screaming Eagle slip ON's (I'm thinking about switching to the Jesse James "Cracker" Pipes" in the future.)
Custom Chrome Sissy bar
And of course, your Hitchhiker Seat with no spilt

If anyone would like to E-mail me, I'm at: PapaSpyder@comcast.net.

Papa Spider
Elizabeth, PA




Here is his bike with the new seat, but before his additions.







From: Bob
Sent: August 18, 2004
Subject: I received my seat!

Just wanted to let you know I received my seat today. What a work of art! The only thing I had to do to mount it was peel back the carpet on the bottom, and attach the mounting bracket from my old seat to it, then put the carpet back in place. The carpet was still a little tacky, so it made it easier. The reason I did this was on my bike the mount has a pressed in screw that mounted inside a spring and it was just easier to swap out the bracket. Other than that, it went on in no time. Actually, I went home for lunch, saw the seat was there and installed it. I didnít get to ride it because the raining really bad right now. Maybe after work, Iíll go for a puttÖ

I will send you pictures when I have the bike all done with all new parts sorted out...


Sent: August 19, 2004
Subject: RE: I received my seat!

Here are 2 pictures of the bike. I still havenít installed the ape-hangers, raised the tank in the front 3Ē, or lowered the back 2Ē but Iíll send you those pictures when itís done. The seat really fits the theme of the 60ís style look Iím going forÖ


Robert -

Thanks a lot for your pictures.  Yes, the seat looks really good on your Softail Standard.  It looks clean and gives the bike an old fashion effect too. 

I am sure your carpet (felt) will dry when you weather quits raining.

Please send us more pictures of your bike when you get your other parts that you are wanting.

Also, thanks for your advice on how you fasten your new seat.

If you ever decide that the seat needs more comfort, you can always send it back to us for the Millennium Foam.  Just give me a call.






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