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When we build your seat, it is hand crafted and tailored to your individual likes and needs.  We pay special attention to detail.  

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      Whether you sit in the front or the back, your seat should not bite you, make your back sore, nor make you shift forward.  Your personal space and width should accommodate your size. The driver should be able to be flat-footed.  Driver's having a backrest should not be cramped or not touching.   Riders come in all sizes.  Bar Enterprises makes certain that our seats accommodate the driver and the passenger.  When you arrive, you should be relaxed and feeling good.  




BAR Enterprises invites you to step up to a different level of quality and comfort at the absolute lowest price.


Rick's 2002 Deuce from Perkins, OK

Redo of his stock touring seat




These are pictures of Rick's Deuce before the new seat.



A new email from Rick now that it is 2 years later!

From:  Rick
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 8:21 PM
To: pglenn@harleyseats.com
Subject: Follow up/happy customer

Hey Patti, just a short note to let you know, the seat your people rebuilt for me is still the best seat I have ever ridden on, the foam is holding up very well as is the craftsmanship , is that a real word?, I just wanted you to know, you guys did a really superb job in working with me to get the absolute best riding saddle for me and my bike, thanks again Patti for all the effort to do a great job for me.  This marks two years of good comfortable riding. The best part, this is my seat, there is not another one like it. Thanks again...

Rick in Oklahoma.

02 blue deuce


Rick -  Thanks for the update.  We appreciate your updated comments.




     Not all riders come in the same size.  There is much that can be done to increase the driver's and passenger's comfort level.   Redoing the seat can take care of all of the issues.

     Rick wrote this about his seat:  I bought the deuce touring seat, wider and more comfy for the little woman, however the main part of the saddle has high ridges located along the outer edges of the seat, these dig into my ass and legs, no comfort what so ever while I ride.   

     After a few emails back and forth, it was decided to 

1.)  Get rid of the ridges that dig into him.

2.)  Decrease driver's and passenger's width to allow the seat to follow the lines of the frame of the Deuce.

3.)  Improve the back support for the small of his back.

4.)   Add Millennium Foam to the seat for increased comfort.



 This is what his seat looks like now.


Rick's comments about the redo...

     Are you kidding, I have shown it to several people already Patti, and I have only had it on my bike a couple hours, I was stressing for a second, the rear bracket didn't line up , so I switched brackets from the seat I am riding with now, perfect fit, and the seat is great, what a compliment to my Deuce, I will shoot some pics and send them to you, I love the seat, it is everything we worked towards, comfort, style , beauty for my Deuce, and the lines flow like magic down the bike, I love the logos you put in, it was important to keep those as the scripting is a perfect match to the scripting along the sides of the fuel tank, what a gem of a seat I have now. I am looking forward to a warm day to really experience the new foam. I am going to let the guys in the Deuce owners news group know where they can pick up the best saddle now, great workmanship, really good price, The mod we did to the rear worked out like a glove, the back of the seat now flows into a perfect fit with the passenger back support, most of all,,,,,,its just way comfy.
Thanks A Bunch

Thanks for your comments, Rick.




Rick, thanks a lot for sharing your pictures with us.






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