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When we build your seat, it is hand crafted and tailored to your individual likes and needs.  We pay special attention to detail.  

     Check out our section called Customer's Bikes with Our Seats to see our seats on bikes like  yours and to read some of our customer's comments.


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      Whether you sit in the front or the back, your seat should not bite you, make your back sore, nor make you shift forward.  Your personal space and width should accommodate your size. The driver should be able to be flat-footed.  Driver's having a backrest should not be cramped or not touching.   Riders come in all sizes.  Bar Enterprises makes certain that our seats accommodate the driver and the passenger.  When you arrive, you should be relaxed and feeling good.  



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Millennium Foam is our best comfort foam



The Ass Saver has arrived.


Thinking about doing a long run this year?

Thinking about how sore your ass will be?

Why be miserable when you can arrive in comfort with

Bar Enterprise's  Millennium Foam ™.




     It was developed for NASA to provide relief for astronauts undergoing G-forces. 


     It is temperature sensitive foam that contours to your body, eliminating 98% of all pressure, vibration and shock.  If you are serious about riding and want to get their relaxed and felling good, don't ride without "Mill Foam", it will save YOUR BUTT.


     It is an open-celled viscoelastic that automatically senses your temperature and weight, and molds to your body's exact shape and position.  When you move, it automatically adjusts to your new position.   The foam will adjust instantly, like when you lean into a turn, the foam automatically senses your new weight distribution and molds to your body's shape.  When you are no longer in a turn and riding straighten up again, the foam does a new adjustment instantly.


Will we put Millennium Foam into your seat?  

Gosh yes!  

Just give us a call to arrange for shipping.





Small Solo (Spring application)     $75.00

Deluxe Solo (Spring application)   $85.00


Frame Mount Solos       $105.00-150.00


Frame Mount Pillion   $80.00


2-Up Seats:

Cruiser    $220.00

Gunslinger  $210.00

Cobra  $190.00

Hitchhiker    $235.00

        X-wide Hitchhiker     $255.00

X-wide Cruiser   $245.00



Arrive in comfort with

Bar Enterprise's  Millennium Foam™.




Customer's Comments who had their foam changed out for Millennium Foam:

The email below is from Janet Murray who along with her husband Jack are leaving on a world tour by motorcycle traveling about 75,000 Km total 40+ countries on four continents and one year to complete. 

Come along with them by visiting them at www.DraginRun.com.


From: Janet Murray [mailto:changjianglady@yahoo.com]
Sent: April 29, 2006
Subject: Bar Seat

Hey, what can I say.  By now you have read about our exciting adventures into the countryside of China, breaking in the new engine and all of our gear.  It was certainly an experience that was new and jarring to me, and I mean this in the literal sense.  Every part of me, Max and Jack shook and gyrated with every ditch, bump and pot hole on the 103KMS from Siping to Changchun.  Of course, riding at night was not the best of conditions, but we just wanted to get home and did not know about the road construction. 

But of all the jarring and the breakdowns of the bike, my seat was great...very cushy and comfortable.  It gave me the support that I needed during this rough stretch of road, because I have weak lower back muscles. This seat saved my butt from being sore and my back from giving me problems.  I am sold on this seat and I would not have any other seat on any of our motorcycles. I will make sure that I let everyone know about how great the seat is.   I certainly wish that we had known about these years ago.  I have had a Tempur-pedic pillow for years and swear by the memory foam, but never thought that this could be used in a seat...it is the best. Many, many kudos and thanks to Andy and  Barr Enterprises for safe guarding my tush.

Have a great week and take care,



The new Police Solo style seats with Millennium Foam.  Jack adapted the seats to their bike.






Customer's Comments who had their foam changed out for Millennium Foam:

From: Adrian
Sent: March 24, 2003
Subject: How did the Millennium Foam work out?
It works great. I took a 2,100 mile trip on my bike and the millennium foam was really comfortable.
I would recommend it to anybody.

2001 Honda CBR600F4I

  From: Tim and Lynn
Sent: May 08, 2006
Subject: Satisfied in VA

We had our seats redone for our 2005 Deluxe back in the winter with the foam and have anxiously been awaiting the warm weather to try them out.  Luckily, we have had some warm days and were able to get out on the bike.  The seats are great now!!  They are so much more comfortable than they were before.  We can ride a whole lot further now without experiencing the soreness and stiffness that we experienced before.  Thanks so much!  We have included a couple of pictures of the bike.  Thank you,     Tim and Lynn Green

2005 Deluxe Softail – his Solo and Pillion






BAR Enterprises invites you to step up to a different level of quality and comfort at the absolute best price

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