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When we build your seat, it is hand crafted and tailored to your individual likes and needs.  We pay special attention to detail.  

     Check out our section called Customer's Bikes with Our Seats to see our seats on bikes like  yours and to read some of our customer's comments.


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      Whether you sit in the front or the back, your seat should not bite you, make your back sore, nor make you shift forward.  Your personal space and width should accommodate your size. The driver should be able to be flat-footed.  Driver's having a backrest should not be cramped or not touching.   Riders come in all sizes.  Bar Enterprises makes certain that our seats accommodate the driver and the passenger.  When you arrive, you should be relaxed and feeling good.  















2000 Sportster XLH1200 with a custom built Hitchhiker seat.





John lives in a place called Hereford, Texas.  

     His bike is a 2000 Sportster XLH1200 and John selected the Hitchhiker Pillow seat.  He did not realize how cramped he was on the bike till I told him that we could move his back rest back a couple of inches.  Which he told me he loves because he can extend his legs.  Here are a couple of pictures that he sent me. 










During the month of December 2002, we had a drawing from all of our November internet sales.  The winner got a check from Bar Enterprises for the amount of the seat that they purchase.  John was the winner!

Congratulations John!


Hello Patty,  I am very happy to find that I am the winner, whahoo!  And even more so to see my bike on your web site, that is so cool, your the best!!  I'll send all who ask about my seat to you, thanks very much, you made my day!!  John Welch

     Thanks John.  You two enjoy that bike and new seat.  Stay safe and have lots of fun during the holidays.










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