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When we build your seat, it is hand crafted and tailored to your individual likes and needs.  We pay special attention to detail.  

     Check out our section called Customer's Bikes with Our Seats to see our seats on bikes like  yours and to read some of our customer's comments.



Seat Ideas and Information:


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      Whether you sit in the front or the back, your seat should not bite you, make your back sore, nor make you shift forward.  Your personal space and width should accommodate your size. The driver should be able to be flat-footed.  Driver's having a backrest should not be cramped or not touching.   Riders come in all sizes.  Bar Enterprises makes certain that our seats accommodate the driver and the passenger.  When you arrive, you should be relaxed and feeling good.  



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Arrive in comfort with Bar Enterprise's  Millennium Foam™. 

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Cruiser seats are a low profile seat for two up.


     Our Cruisers are built for what the name implies, just cruising around all day long.  The seat size will vary depending on the bike's year and model.  Generally speaking the size is about 13 inches width for the driver with a driver's backrest of 5 1/2".  The passenger's area width is about 2 inches thick and 8 inches wide.


     Our Cruiser are low profile, hugs frame, and mounts like stock.  The base is normally fiberglass and has a carpeted bottom for the fender area.  We use only the best of materials, like all weather Naugahyde chosen for it's looks and wear ability. The seat is built with a high density polyurethane foam as well as rebond foam for comfort and durability.   The cover is secured with steel rivets.  Like all of our seats, the Cruiser  comes with a one year guarantee against defects in workmanship and materials.   


     Cruisers have many styles.    Our signature styles includes:

  °  Dream Cruiser Pillow with Spots & Skirt (seat A)

Also Shown Dream Cruiser with Plain Cover

  °  Cruiser Soft Flame Inlayed (seat F)

  °  Dream Cruiser Pillow with Sewn Flame or Tribal & Fringed   (seat G)

  °  Cruiser Scorpion Flame Sewn (seat H)

  °  Cruiser Button Pleat

(seat BB)


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 If you want to increase your comfort level on this saddle have us put in the option of Millennium Foam for you.


Roger's 1973 Superglide FX from Kahoka, MO is a good example of a Cruiser that is done a little different.  The seat has fringe on the skirt to match the fringe on his handle bars.  The seat is a Pillow for the Driver's area and the Passenger area is Plain and inlayed with a yellow flame.                                                                              2-192

To see more designs go to Designs - Sewn or Inlayed section.



Deluxe Cruiser

This seat is our Deluxe Cruiser which is wider in the back.   From behind the hump it is approximately 7- 8 inches wide and taper out to 9 - 10 inches wide.

The seat pictured above fits a Softail.  The Deluxe Cruiser is available for other bike models

The sewn design is one of our many spider-web designs.  You can see more of these designs at our Designs - Sewn or Inlayed section.




Our most asked questions about Cruiser:


Q:  What's the difference between the Dream Hitchhiker Pillow and the Dream Cruiser Pillow? 

A:   Cruisers have a normal height back rest which is about 5.5 - 6.5 inches tall.  Hitchhiker have a  lumbar back support which is about 7.5 - 8 inches tall.  Cruisers are a lesser seat all over which makes them a lower profile seat compared to the Hitchhiker.  Cruisers are met for what the name implies which is just cruising around for the day on and off your bike

Q.  I own a Fatboy and I like seats that are low and sleek.  I also need a place for my wife to ride.  The Cruiser seems much lower than the Hitchhiker in the passenger area.  I really prefer that look, but will she have enough comfort?

A.  The thickness for her will be about 2 inches.  If her time spent there is just on and off for the afternoon, she will be fine.  If you want to add a big increase for both her and your comfort consider one of our comfort foams and she will be riding with you all day.


Q:    I really like the looks of your Cruiser.  But I own a Metric and the seat is a two piece seat.  Can you make me a Cruiser for my bike?

A:      If your pillion has a bracket that attaches to the solo part, we can usually permanently fasten the two together and build any of our seats onto your pan.  


Q.     I noticed that the Hitchhiker has an extra wide passenger width available, but I did not see one for the Cruiser.  Can you make the Cruiser wider too? 

A.     Yes, we can build you an extra wide passenger area for your Cruiser like we do for the Hitchhiker.  You also might want to consider our Deluxe Cruiser too, which is about 9 - 10 inches wide for the passenger.

Q.     I saw the picture of your Cruiser on a 2004 Sportster.  That is what I own too.  My problem is I am only 5" tall and I need a special seat.  What do you have that will fit me?

A.    Any of our seats can be made to fit your size.  When we build your seat we can do a forward movement of the back rest.  Also, we can fix the nose of the seat, so you will be flat-footed when straddling the nose part of the seat while waiting your turn at a stop sign.



We will and do work with you to make this seat just right for the two of you!


     For instance, maybe you need us to move the back of the seat closer or further back.  Or the back passenger area  to be a particular inches wide.  Or you want a design sewn onto your motorcycle seat.  We can do all of this for you.  Just give our knowledgeable staff a telephone call or an email to get your custom bike seat questions answered.






  Now that you have picked your seat, don't you think you should learn more about "MILLENNIUM FOAM"?






BAR Enterprises invites you to step up to a different level of quality and comfort at the absolute best price

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